The Department of Education

The department of Education plays a crucial role in the implementation and growth of the Dreamfields Project. Teachers and education officials across the country have been involved in DreamEvents and, crucially, in ensuring that the beneficiary schools build on the contribution of DreamBags and create ongoing soccer leagues.

This commitment was evident right from the start, when Deputy Minister of Education Enver Surty, warmly welcomed the setting up of Dreamfields and expressed willingness to work together on what he called “a significant collaborative effort”.

Deputy Minister Surty said: “Your project is an exciting one that the Department will support, particularly in light of the sporting development opportunities it may well afford”. He referred in this regard to improved infrastructure and “opportunities to increase skills capacities of educators as coaches and trainers”. The Deputy Minister said the Dreamfields Project would increase school communities interest in “the importance and enjoyment of engaging in sporting activities”.

He continued: “I am particularly pleased with the positive social responsibility messages that your project foregrounds. As you are aware, social cohesion is one the government's main objectives and initiatives such as yours will contribute towards this goal. I also fully support your call for volunteerism, particularly in the corporate sector and individuals to commit themselves to the upliftment of schools.”

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