Key Supporters

Monitor Group is a privately-owned global management consulting firm. It was founded in 1983 by a group of Harvard Business School professors including Michael Porter and the current chairman Mark Fuller. Monitor provides services in the areas of strategy consulting, capability building, and capital services.

Headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Monitor Group has offices in 30 major cities around the world. It was to the Johannesburg office that Dreamfields founder John Perlman came in 2006, looking for insight and information. That began an 18-month relationship in which various members of the Monitor team helped hammer out business plans, provided crucial funding leads and above all offered encouragement.

All of this support was given pro bono and Monitor then invited Dreamfields to set up office at their Johannesburg headquarters for the critical first year of operation — again without charging a cent in rent. Monitor has an enviable reputation for helping social entrepreneurs launch their projects, and Dreamfields intends to justify the confidence shown in us.

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BBDO Cape Town is a multi-award winning advertising agency which has given the Dreamfields Project significant support ever since the idea was first mooted. The creative team in Cape Town designed the Dreamfields logo and Mike Schalit — voted South Africa's top creative director seven years in a row — has been a constant source of inspiration and ideas.

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Jeffares & Green: For more than 85 years, Jeffares & Green (J&G) has provided consulting services in all fields of civil and structural engineering. The company has offices in all major centres in South Africa, employs some 300 staff, and has worked throughout Africa, offering the full spectrum of engineering and associated disciplines through the various companies in the Group.

Jeffares & Green has provided invaluable advice and creative input to the Dreamfields Project, particularly in the course of our field-building project at Tshisahulu in Venda and we look forward to an ongoing partnership.

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Happy Feet Sports Systems: One of Dreamfields goals is to come up with a low-cost low-maintenance soil-stabilised football field, appropriate to African conditions, without compromising on the quality of the playing surface. In this quest we have been greatly assisted by Happy Feet Sports Systems, a Dutch company which specializes in the design and installation of sports fields of all kinds, including synthetics, and offers innovative solutions to projects like Dreamfields.

A major challenge with soil fields is stabilization. Henk Breunissen of Happy Feet hosted Dreamfields in Holland on a tour of soil-stabilised fields in that country. Henk continues to evaluate Dreamfields proposals and makes valuable suggestions regarding stabilization. We hope to bring him out to South Africa in the near future, to take him on a tour of our own.

Henk says: “My dream is to let all the boys and girls feel the joy of sports. I believe in this dream and I will give all my support to achieve it.”

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Sabi Sabi: Sabi Sabi is one of South Africa’s best-known private game reserves, situated in the world-renowned 65000 hectare Sabi Sand Game Reserve in the south-western section of the Kruger National Park.

Famous as one of the best places in Southern Africa to view and understand wildlife, it has also built an enviable reputation for pursuing the second pillar of Sabi Sabi’s philosophy:” the business must be a true example of eco-tourism effectively linking tourism with conservation and the community ... where the ecological needs are balanced with the needs of people and their communities.”

Sabi Sabi has initiated a number of programmes to improve the lives of the people living in the adjacent communities of Lilydale, Huntington and Justicia, from where many of their workers are drawn. These include teacher upgrade programmes, investments in water and sanitation and an inspired initiative to provide local high school pupils with bicycles.

Sabi Sabi’s partnership with Dreamfields fits into this bigger programme of working positively with neighbouring communities. Initiated in 2008, it began when Sabi Sabi equipped 13 local schools with DreamBags of soccer kit as well as netball kit and created leagues in both sports – primary and secondary – to encourage sports development in the area.

The leagues are now in their third year and the 2009 league winners, Hundzukani Primary, were invited to the Dreamfields Cup 2010 where they took second place. "The Dreamfields Project has created an enormous buzz amongst our staff who have children or family members playing in the league,” says Rod Wyndham, Group Operations Director at Sabi Sabi.

“There is much competitive banter and excitement as match days draw near. One of the nicest aspects is that the programme includes boys and girls, with both netball and football enjoying huge popularity amongst players and spectators. We are really proud to be part of an initiative that creates so much positive spirit."

 Says Sabi Sabi’s Marketing Director, Jacques Smit: "While watching both the High School and Primary School finals, it struck me that this project really is all about people,” he says. “It's not about marketing or sponsorship or business – it’s about children playing sports they love, building relationships and learning about themselves.

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