Our Dream

The Dreamfields Project is a section-21 company — not for profit — which was launched in October 2007, thanks to immensely generous start-up funding from BHP Billiton and Old Mutual. Our dream, in partnership with the Department of Education, is to put resources for playing soccer into township and rural schools across South Africa — quickly, efficiently and in a way that reaches the most remote corners of our country.

We believe soccer is a team game, and teams build better schools — so we provide DreamBags, full sets of kit, to schools across the country. We believe people love sharing, and so we stage DreamEvents to celebrate the spirit of soccer. And we believe that lasting change must transform the places where children play — and so we are helping to restore soccer fields wherever we can.

It's inspiring to know that there are others who share our dream. Since launch we have taken the Dreamfields Project across South Africa — from Lilydale in the east on the Kruger Park border to Gopane close to Botswana; from Tshisahulu in far northern Venda, to Factreton in Cape Town. But with more than 26 000 schools across South Africa, there is still so much more work to do.